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    Investments from €300,000+VAT 

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7 key facts in favour of Cyprus: 


The island has a friendly, cosmopolitan environment. This guarantees easy integration and a chance to quickly expand your social circle.


The island's tourism and residential infrastructure is booming - new cultural venues, iconic residential projects, hotels, restaurants and sports centres spring up.


Cyprus is one of the safest countries in the world. Global Finance magazine ranked Cyprus as the 13th safest country in the world in 2021.


Cyprus is a great place to raise and educate your children. Cyprus has private and public schools and colleges that welcome foreigners.


Low taxes: 0% property tax and 0% inheritance tax, 0% on passive income (with non-domicile status).


The acquisition of a permanent residence permit in exchange for investment takes 2-6 months, which is the shortest timeline among European countries.


Cyprus authorities' business-friendly policy made Cyprus famous as a “safe haven” for investors.

Permanent Residency in Cyprus in 2-6 months for the whole family

Permanent Residency for Life

Many people dream about improving the quality of their life and moving abroad permanently to get access to a comfortable climate, good education, quiet life and other benefits. But you do not have to wait years to get a Permanent Residency Permit – make sure you meet certain criteria and start living the European way tomorrow!

Permanent Residency by Investment

Buying a property is one of the most stable investment options which, if properly handled, can provide the investor with a stable income and real estate capital. We know how to provide our clients with a guaranteed income in euros when buying a home. Smart investment is an art!

Permanent Residence for Business

Cyprus is a comfortable place not only to live but also to do business. After all, it has excellent conditions to avoid the tax burden and to successfully build your business. We can offer profitable business opportunities through a smart real estate selection that will ensure your business success!

Advantages of fast track residence permit procedure


2-6 months

Visit Cyprus

1 day every 2 years


Investor, spouse, children under 25, parents


Tax consequences


Application for citizenship

7 years


No language or medical test

Safe Life Guarantee! 

Do you want to get a residence permit in Cyprus in the shortest possible time? With Cyprus Sotheby's International Realty you can do it online!

Online viewing and consultation

Selecting your investment remotely


Submission of your application

Approval within 2-6 months.

Visit Cyprus for biometrics

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Obtain Permanent Residency Permit

  • What documents do I need to apply for a residence permit?

    ● A copy of a valid passport of the applicant, spouse and children ● CV ● Marriage certificate, certified (certified translation if not in English/ Greek)● Birth certificates of children, certified (certified translation if not in English/ Greek)● Clean criminal record certificate original (issued in the country of residence and submitted with a certified translation) ● Documents proving the source of income outside Cyprus ● Proof of ownership or sales agreement for a property in Cyprus ● Bank swift to pay the purchase price of the property and receive transfers 

  • What are the investment criteria?

    ● Investment in one or more properties: purchase of up to two properties in the primary market from a developer with a total value of at least €300,000 (+ VAT). Investment in real estate (non-residential): purchase of other types of real estate including offices, shops, hotels or other similar properties or a combination thereof with a total value of at least €300,000. These types of property may be acquired on the secondary market.Equity investments in a company incorporated in the Republic of Cyprus with operations and employees in Cyprus: an investment of €300,000 in a company incorporated and operating in the Republic of Cyprus which has a proven physical presence in Cyprus and which employs at least five (5) peopleInvestments in shares in Cypriot Investment Funds AIF, AIFLNP, RAIF): Investments of €300,000 in units of investment funds. 

  • Can I invest in non-residential real estate?

    You may invest in non-residential real estate units, including offices, shops, hotels or similar units or a combination of these, with a minimum value of €300,000. These types of properties may be purchased on the secondary market. The Applicant must also have a property for permanent residence in Cyprus (owned or rented). 

  • What is the cost of the whole procedure for obtaining a permanent residency?

    ● Legal fees normally constitute 1% of the property value and include:  Property registration: opening an account, registration of Permanent Residence Permit for 2 persons and children up to 18 years. For children over 18 and parents additional 500 Euros per person.  ● Stamp duty 0.15%-0.2% of the property price.  ● Insurance 170 Euros per person per year. 

  • Can a permanent residence permit be obtained remotely?

    The application process can be done remotely. Applicants can then visit Cyprus within one year to submit their biometric data.

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On the Cyprus Permanent Residency by investment programme

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