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Anastasia Yianni - The Head of Knowledge Center


Managing Director of Cyprus Sotheby's International Realty, co-founder and CEO of the company, she has a degree in real estate and knows from personal experience what it’s like to relocate to Cyprus. Anastasia has worked in Cyprus real estate for almost 20 years and has extensive and deep knowledge of the Cyprus property market.

 Online events timeline

We are offering free online webinars and events for our clients, potential investors and brokerage network

  • 30.04.2024

    Insider's Guide to Cyprus Real Estate: Opportunities & Challenges

    Speaker: Anastasia Yianni

  • 17.04.2024

    Non-Dom Tax Regime: UK or Cyprus? New tax rules in 2024/205

    Keynote speakers: Anastasia Yianni & Sergey Sander

  • 12.03.2024

    Discovering Cyprus: Your Gateway to Real Estate Investments, Permanent Residency, and Lifestyle

    Speaker: Anastasia Yianni

  • 23.01.2024

    Сyprus Real Estate market: overview of 2023 and expectations for 2024

    Speaker: Anastasia Yianni

  • 21.11.2023

    Buying a Property in Cyprus: How to make the right investment

    Speaker: Anastasia Yianni

  • 24.10.2023

    Discovering Cyprus: Relocation and Real Estate Insights

    Speaker: Anastasia Yianni

  • 19.09.2023

    Cyprus Discovery Guide: Main facts about living and investing on the island

    Speaker: Anastasia Yianni

  • 20.07.2023

    Dynamic Cyprus: New development projects and real estate trends

    Speaker: Anastasia Yianni

  • 21.06.2023

    Discovering Cyprus: Unveiling City Charms and Real Estate Opportunities

    Speaker: Anastasia Yianni and regional experts

  • 24.05.2023

    Entdecken Sie das Potenzial von Zypern: Lifestyle, Steuern, Möglichkeiten für Immobilieninvestments

    Webinar-Sprecher/In: Christophe Molitor

  • 17.05.2023

    Unlocking the Potential of Cyprus: Lifestyle, Taxation, Real Estate Investment Opportunities

    Speaker: Anastasia Yianni

  • 29.03.2023

    From choosing a property to living the island life: easy steps to relocation to Cyprus

    Speaker: Anastasia Yianni

  • 09.02.2023

    Zypriotischer Immobilienmarkt: Überblick von 2022, und mögliche Änderungen für 2023

    Webinar-Sprecher/In: Anastasia Yianni & Christophe Molitor

  • 18.01.2023

    Cyprus property market: overview of 2022 and possible changes for buyers in 2023

    Speaker: Anastasia Yianni

  • 22.11.2022

    Cyprus Relocation Guide: Leave the Cold and move to the Sunny Island

    Speaker: Anastasia Yianni

  • 26.10.2022

    7 Reasons to Relocate to Cyprus

    Speaker: Anastasia Yianni

  • 05.10.2022

    Cyprus Discovery Guide: main facts about living and investing on the island

    Speaker: Anastasia Yianni

  • 04.10.2022

    Sunny Cyprus vs winter: relocation to the island through property investment

    Speaker: Anastasia Yianni

  • 27.07.2022

    Cyprus property market trends.Investment map of the island

    Speaker: Anastasia Yianni

  • 30.06.2022

    New builds in Cyprus: a buyer's guide

    Speaker: Anastasia Yianni

  • 01.06.2022

    Cyprus: how to choose a property for life and investment. Regional specifics and market analysis

    Speakers: Anastasia Yianni, Milan Shah, Iness Karayianni, Liza Kucere, Olga Khokhlova

  • 19.04.2022

    Cyprus: how to buy a property hassle free and not regret it later

    Speaker: Anastasia Yianni

  • 17.03.2022

    Living your dream in Cyprus - step by step guide how to relocate through safe property investment

    Speaker: Anastasia Yianni

  • 23.11.2021

    Cyprus: how to buy a property hassle free and not regret it later

    Speaker: Anastasia Yianni

  • 27.10.2021

    Cyprus: launch of two new projects in prestigious locations - profitable investment and permanent residency status

    Speaker: Anastasia Yianni

  • 26.05.2021

    Bring some sunshine into your life and get your new home in Cyprus

    Speaker: Anastasia Yianni

  • 18.05.2021

    European PR in Cyprus for South African Investors

    Speakers: Anastasia Yianni, Grahame Diedericks

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